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Speed Box

Keep your race-day nutritional supplements close at hand with Bontrager's Hilo Speed Box. Designed to hold your gels, chewables, bars, and other on-the-go energy products, it mounts to your top tube quickly, securely, and aerodynamically behind your stem. Available in versions for Speed Concept and Traditional road bikes, both with easy-to-open mesh top that provides quick access to your supplements while also keeping them securely inside.

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  • Mounts directly behind stem, keeping it out of the wind
  • Hilo Speed Box provides quick access to smaller items like gels, snacks, cell phones and cameras
  • Hilo Speed Box attaches to the top tube via a single neoprene/Velcro strap and to the stem with a shock cord
  • SC (Gen 1) version is specifically designed for Trek Speed Concept bikes and includes 2 positionable internal dividers
  • Hilo Speed Box and SC versions include mesh covers to keep items securely inside
  • SC (Gen 1) mesh top can be opened from the front or rear
  • SC (Gen 1) mesh top is a replacement top only
  • Pro includes zippered main compartment, 3-point compression system and two external pockets
  • Pro attaches to top tube via two Velcro straps and to stem via one Velcro strap
Part No.MSRP*ModelColorCargo CapacityDimensions
428674 34.95 Hilo Speed Box Black 33 cu.in. (472cc) 17 (l) x 6.4 (w) x 7.5 (h) cm
408958 19.95 Speed Box Black 17.5cu.in. (287cc) 11.5 (l) x 6.4 (w) x 7.5 (h) cm
419750 49.95 SC Speed Box Black 28.8cu.in. (472cc) 14.5 (l) x 6.4 (w) x 7.5 (h) cm
428673 29.95 Pro Speed Box Black 28 cu.in. (472cc) 11.5 (l) x 6.4 (w) x 7.5 (h) cm


8.6 DS

48000 руб 48200 руб
DS Series is the ultimate hybrid: part refined city bike, part adventurous trail ride. Fast 700c wheels, capable suspension, and a light, strong frame make DS the go-anywhere choice.
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Bontrager Quantum

2700 руб 2800 руб
Available in up to four sizes for a tailored fit, Quantum features great ventilation, excellent coverage, and of course Bontrager's signature out-of-the-box comfort and incredible ease-of-use. A removable visor adds to the value of a helmet that feels just as at home on the trail as it does on the road.
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