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Speed Bottle

For the rider looking for every speed advantage possible, Bontrager's Speed Bottle with Carbon Cage is simply the fastest bottle and cage combination on the planet. Developed using Computer Fluid Dynamics to slice through the wind, in certain cross wind situations using this bottle and cage combination is actually faster than using no bottle at all.

Цена: 600 руб

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  • Sold individually - order 1 of either part number and receive 1 bottle
  • Developed using CFD (Computer Fluid Dynamics)
  • Wind tunnel testing makes this the fastest bottle and cage on the planet
  • Part# 275294 includes the bottle with carbon cage
  • Part# 280998 is the bottle only
  • Bottle is only compatible with the Bontrager Speed Bottle Cage
  • Designed for time trials, triathlons and anyone who wants to go faster
  • Carbon cage and Aero Bottle is designed to keep weight low at 120 grams total for the system
  • Typical time savings in a 40K TT is around 25 seconds over a standard bottle
Part No.MSRP*ModelSizeTypeColorCase
275294 99.95 Speed Bottle and Cage 20oz (591ml) Pop Top Silver 10.0
280998 14.95 Speed Bottle Only 20oz (591ml) Pop Top Silver 10.0


8.6 DS

48000 руб 48200 руб
DS Series is the ultimate hybrid: part refined city bike, part adventurous trail ride. Fast 700c wheels, capable suspension, and a light, strong frame make DS the go-anywhere choice.
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Bontrager Quantum

2700 руб 2800 руб
Available in up to four sizes for a tailored fit, Quantum features great ventilation, excellent coverage, and of course Bontrager's signature out-of-the-box comfort and incredible ease-of-use. A removable visor adds to the value of a helmet that feels just as at home on the trail as it does on the road.
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